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Foam Boards

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Impress with top-notch presentations and promotions made possible by personalized foam boards.

Attention-grabbing presentations are a must-have for any professional setting. If you’re looking for an impactful and visually interesting way to display sales data or promotions, custom foam boards are the ideal solution. These durable and lightweight posters are made of 5 mm styrene foam sandwiched between smooth paper, with your design printed using a four-color, UV ink process. You can print signs as small as 4″ x 4″ or as large as 46″ x 94″ for maximum impact. With proper care and maintenance, these foam board posters can last up to two years while providing impeccable color reproduction and print longevity. Trust us, these professional-grade boards are sure to catch every eye in the room!

Maximize Your Foam Board’s Life: Tips for Proper Care.

Protect the quality of your foam board sign by using it only indoors. Exposure to outdoor elements and moisture can compromise its durability. Be cautious when handling your sign to prevent damage to the corners. Keep the sign upright when not in use and avoid placing heavy objects on it when flat to prevent unsightly indentations.

To keep your custom foam board sign clean, simply wipe the surface with a clean, dry, non-abrasive cloth. For tougher cleaning jobs, use a citrus-based cleaner or a mixture of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. Apply the cleaning solution to a clean cloth and wipe the surface until it’s spotless.

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