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Refrigerator Magnet

17pt Magnet Paper
4/0 Color Front, No Back
4/0 means full color on front, nothing on the back side
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Fridge Magnets: The Subtle yet Potent Marketing Tool for Your Home and Office

Maximize your brand recognition by integrating it into your customers’ daily routines. How? Provide them with fridge magnets that they can use while cooking, snacking, or preparing beverages. Whether it’s in their kitchen or office pantry, your brand will always be visible and stay top-of-mind. This will boost brand awareness and attract potential customers to your restaurant. With your delivery number always in clear view, you could become a team lunch favorite or a working mom’s go-to for a quick family dinner.

Looking for reliable, high-quality fridge magnets to represent your business? Look no further than Nize Printing. Our thick and durable 17 pt. magnets keep your design looking fresh for longer. High gloss finishes let your brand logo, name, and contact details shine while the UV coating ensures the magnet stays in top condition, retaining its effectiveness in promoting your business.

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