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Folded Business Cards

2" x 3.5" - Fold Over
Half Fold
4/0 - Color Front, No Back
4/1 - Color Front, Black Back
4/4 - Color Both Sides
4 Business Days
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Maximize Your Space with Folded Business Card Printing

Folded business cards offer double the space of standard business cards, while maintaining the same convenient size. Despite the advent of social media, business cards remain a valuable tool for exchanging contact information with potential customers and partners. There’s simply no substitute for the personal touch of a physical exchange.

At its core, a business card is a simple tool used to share your contact information with potential clients. However, as any professional can attest, there is often much more to tell. Enter the folded business card – a smart solution for those in need of extra space to convey their brand and message.

With double the surface area, folded business cards offer limitless design possibilities. Consider using the extra space to highlight your services, provide directions, or showcase an eye-catching image. Graphic designers, teachers, photographers, and restaurants alike gravitate towards this option, recognizing its potential to effectively represent their unique offerings. Don’t let limited space hinder your ability to make a big impact. Folded business cards may just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Folded Business Cards Templates


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