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Product Labels


Upgrade Your Products with Custom Labels for a Premium Look

Get noticed in an instant with eye-catching product labels customized just for you. Mix and match various features to find the perfect size and shape for your food and beverage items or beauty products. From wine bottles to lip balm tubes, our durable labels stick seamlessly to any surface and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Make your brand shine with customized labels that convey important information to customers, all while protecting your product.

Tough Materials: Resistant to Water, Oil, and More

Get durable stickers for indoor and outdoor use that are perfect for your business needs. The 70 lb. label is perfect for indoor displays while the 4 mil. white vinyl is waterproof and great for outdoor exposure. Order big quantities to make your stickers hot water-resistant and waterproof in cold water. If you want more oil-resistant and waterproof options, check out our roll labels. BOPP is perfect for food containers and beverage bottles and keeps your label design looking top notch even in a chiller or freezer. For luxury items like wine bottles, textured materials are the way to go, and they’re a top choice for products that will be refrigerated. Order now and enjoy our high-quality stickers!

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