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Plastic Business Cards

2" x 3.5"
20 pt. White Plastic
20 pt. Frosted Plastic
20 pt. Clear Plastic
Front Only
Yes - 1/4" Corner Radius
Yes - 1/8" Corner Radius
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Plastic Business Cards – Experience elegance with our premium business cards.

Upgrade your business cards to a guaranteed attention-grabber with plastic card printing. Not only does it offer an attractive design, but it also offers practicality. The sturdy material resists tears and water damage, while the clear, frosted, and white options provide a unique and luxurious look that will stun any recipient. Make a lasting impression with your business cards.

Discover Three High-Quality and Resilient Plastic Materials

  • Clear: Make a lasting impression with our transparent business cards. The clear material adds a unique touch that is sure to grab attention, while also showcasing your business name, logo, and contact information. Experience the power of clear design with our beautifully crafted business cards.
  • Frosted: Elevate your business card game with a semi-transparent material that exudes sophistication and modernity. The frosted finish of the plastic creates a crisp and clear background for your design, reminiscent of polished glass. Make a lasting impression with this sleek and unique design.
  • White: Our printed business cards feature a sleek solid white material that perfectly complements designs with vibrant, eye-catching colors. This makes it an ideal background for bold hues like red, orange, or even darker shades like black or navy. Stand out from the crowd with our striking and professional business cards.

Design Considerations:

  • For legible and effective plastic business cards, use a font size of 8 pt. or larger and strokes/lines that are 1.5 pt. or thicker. Ensure all elements are easy to read and communicate your message with clarity.
  • When designing, refrain from incorporating white elements or text. Choosing white can result in blending with the clear, frosted, or white plastic background of the material. Opt for bold colors that will stand out to make your design pop.

Designing Plastic Business Cards: Tips for Maximum Impact

Your business card design hinges largely on the plastic material and size you opt for. To ensure a stellar design, consider these useful tips:

  1. Maximize your impact with bigger and brighter images on larger rectangle or square designs. Highlight your logo or showcase your product or service in a central image to truly captivate your audience. This size is perfect for creating eye-catching plastic gift cards or loyalty cards. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a statement – go big with your designs today.
  2. Consider frosted and clear plastic cards as a creative substitute for custom die-cut business cards. You’ll appreciate how their transparent backgrounds create the illusion of empty space, allowing you to generate a variety of visual concepts. For instance, you can make the plastic resemble an object related to your services, like a viewfinder for photographers, a clear window for a cleaning service, or a blank canvas for graphic designers and illustrators.
  3. For smaller square and thin plastic business cards, less is more. Going for a minimalist design that emphasizes your company name, information, and contact details is the way to go. Opt for a color that stands out against the background of the plastic. Bold, black font is always a reliable choice for all three plastic materials. If you want to add some character to the design, consider using shades like navy or red.
  4. Stay away from light, pastel or neon colors that would fade into the plastic background.

Plastic Business Card Templates



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